Catalogue of Works -
Paul J. Abbott / Mr WobblyHead

 ‘Sonata for Clarinet and Piano’ (1998)

 ‘Orpheus’ dir Spence (1998)

 ‘Flux’ (1999)

 ‘The Towton Grave’ (2000)

 ‘Macbeth’ (incidental music, dir Bucknall 2000)

 ‘Graffiti Voices’ (8 channel installation, 2000-1)

 'and the sky fell in . . .' (2001)

 Martin Crimp’s Attempts on her Life - songs and incidental music (dir Luckhurst 2001)

 'In transit' (4 channel sonic sculpture, 2001)

 ‘Procession’ (2001)

 'Homage a Magritte' (2002)

 'Mediterranean Blue' (2002)

 'CUT' (2002)

 ‘Thirty days in September’ (web installation and mixed media concert work, 2002-3)

 ‘Three Small Pieces of John’ (3 miniatures 2002-3)

 ‘Dinner with Spike’ (3 voices, 2 dbl basses, 2003)

 ‘TO Void/avoid’ (Graphic score 2003)

 ‘change my name to JIRY TRANSHOON’ (still life, 2003)

 Incidental music for Hyde Park, (J. Shirley, dir. Cordner- Out of the Blue)

 ‘Scratch THAT and call it a record’ (stereo and 5.1 mixes, 2003)

 ‘Multireflexindustroscopology’ (Bridge Project with Duty Free Dance Company 2003)

 ‘Goodbye Mister Superstar’ (stereo and 5.1 mixes, 2003)

 ‘A Nightmare in the Still Life of . . .’ (solo vocalisation 2003)

 ‘Strip Show’ (2004)

 ‘Gregorobosity’ (2004)

 ‘Sedna Stories’ (collaboration with Kerry Andrew 2004/5)

 ‘Blows Like Jimi’ (2005)

 ‘Head Case’ (2005)

 ‘R E L I S H’ (2005)

 ‘Duvet Music’ (2005)

 ‘Laughs in my face’ (2005)

 ‘Skint’ (2005)

 ‘Ex-C’ (2005)

 ‘Pianola Electronica’ (2005)

 Cabaret Electronica Project (ongoing collaboration)- 10 new works in collaboration (from 2006)

 ‘That witch you wanted’ (new vocal work with backing track for Juice Vocal Trio 2006) SSA Voices

 Score for ‘Far Away’ (2006/7) (Churchill dir. Luckhurst – Out of the Blue)

 ‘I do not love thee’ (2007) SSA voices

 ‘Deeper than blue’ (2007/8)

 ‘Thug love’ (2008)

 Storytelling and improvisation project (2008 onwards)

 'Afraid of the Dark' (voice and live electronics, 2008)

 'Sleep well' (voice and live electronics, 2008)

 'Bless you' (voice and live electronics, 2008)

 'Another Machine' (voice and live electronics, 2008)

 'One More Coffee' (2009)

 'A Wish and a Sonnett' (voice, electric guitar, electronics, 2009)

 'For Voice and Art Gallery' (voice and live electronics, 2010)

 'Points of Arrival' (Chiasmus Ensemble Commission, 2010)

 Paul J. Abbott 'Cruel Mother' Remix (Dance Remix on Juice Vocal Ensemble Songspin album, 2011)

 'Another Revolution' (Fixed media 2 channel installation, 2011)

 'Taxi Man' (electronica, 2012)

 'Bad Back' (electronica, 2012)

 '252' (electronica, 2012)

 'Tu n'existe pas mais je sais que tu existe' (songs / electronica / live performance work, 2012)

'Tollana' (electronic, 2012)

'Scratch THAT and call it a record (re-imagined for 2013) (electronic, 2013)

'Shutdown / Reboot' (electronic, 2013)

'Pin Doll' (electronic, 2013)

Three Ravens [Paul J Abbott Remix] (remix of You Are Wolf 2014)

Indefinite Articles (graphic score for voice, bass and washing line, 2014)

30 Days in September (2014 edition) - 30 individual works composed on individual days in September  -

Sentinel (Trumpet and Tape - commission for Edd Ody 2015)

Sundamage (collaboration with DepartureLounge Collective 2015)

80's Child (synths/electronc/voice 2016)